Data And List Management

Lake Michigan Mailers has offered daily Data Management Services since 1980. These services were developed to assist customers in maximizing the effectiveness of their databases, as well as, to take advantage of new technologies for the creation of personalized, variable data documents.

Our data and list management solutions cover virtually every aspect of data processing, data mining, and database management.



Address Repair™

Address Repair™ is a service designed to fix addresses that cannot receive a proper ZIP+4 Code assignment, and therefore, must be mailed at a more expensive postage rate.  Address Repair™ determines what address elements are missing or are invalid and takes corrective action to provide the most accurate address data available.

Address Repair™ can be used periodically or with every mailing and is available without a contract.


Move Validation™

Move Validation™ is designed to help those customers facing privacy; legal or other restrictions maintain their address databases with the most current information available.

While most organizations can cleanse their customer databases against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database, some organizations, like financial institutions, for example, may be prohibited by internal rules, federal or state regulations or previous commitments not to change their customer’s address data without first receiving approval directly from their affected customer.  This is where Move Validation™ comes in.

With Move Validation™ the organization’s address database is updated using our standard NCOA service.  However, when records with new addresses are identified, LMM creates two letters on behalf of the organization; one to the old address and one to the new address.

The actual text of the letter can be altered to meet the specific needs of the organization; however, it is customary to instruct the recipient to contact the organization’s customer service center to validate their actual address.  LMM works with the organization to create the appropriate message on the letter.  The letters are printed either on the organization’s letterhead or using self-mailers approved by the organization.

Move Validation™ can be used periodically or on any schedule that meets the needs of the organization.  Move Validation™ is available without contract or minimum volume requirement and can be utilized by an entire organization or specific internal departments.


National Change of Address

National Change of Address or NCOA is a list of address changes on file with the United States Postal Service filed by businesses, individuals, and families.  The NCOA list is regularly updated by the Postal Service to reflect the most current information.  We access this NCOA database to update our customer’s records with the most current information available.

Our NCOA services meet or exceed the Postal Service’s requirements for Move Update thereby allowing our customers to take full advantage of postage discounts and improved delivery.  Our NCOA services help our customers keep in contact with their customers, reduce re-mailing costs and improve cash flow and overall communication quality.


Address Cleaning (ZIP+4, CASS Certification, Delivery Point Validation)

Hardcopy communications are useless unless they are delivered to the correct address.  With our address cleaning services you can rest assured that your mail will be delivered accurately.

Our address cleaning services include standardizing your addresses to meet Postal Service requirements, adding suffix information such as “St”, “Ave”, “Blvd”, etc. or prefix information including “North”, “SW”, etc.  Once the address is standardize we can add the ZIP+4® Code and the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb).

All of our software is CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified and PAVE (Presort Accuracy Validation Evaluation) Certified DPV’d (Delivery Point Validated) and LACS Certified (Locatable Address Conversion System) by the Postal Service. This is your assurance that our software is current, accurate, and will meet the stringent requirements of the Postal Service.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your mailing database is our business. The contents of your database are your business. You have our guarantee that we will not share, rent or sell your database to anyone! All of our data and document services are SOC 2 Assured.

Above all else, our services are convenient to use. You do not need to be a computer genius to take advantage of our address cleaning services. We have the ability to work with virtually every popular database and word processing program. We can work directly with you, your user departments or your I.T. group to ensure proper processing
Pricing for our data and list management solutions is dependent on a number of factors.  If you would like to receive a no-obligation quote any of our data and list management solutions, please contact us or call us at 1-800-653-3121. We can customize a program to meet your unique needs.