Company’s Use of Propane Autogas Reduces Gasoline Consumption by 50.3%


Lake Michigan Mailers announced today that it will place into service an additional four, Chevy Express -2500 vans that have been converted by Icom North America to run on propane autogas as the primary fuel.   Lake Michigan Mailers has converted 64% its service fleet to operate on cleaner-burning propane autogas.  The company began converting vehicles to use propane autogas as the primary fuel in June 2012.

“Propane burns cleaner than gasoline resulting in lower harmful emissions. We expect our propane vehicles will produce 20 percent less carbon dioxide, 40 percent less nitrogen oxide, 60% less carbon monoxide, 30 percent less non-methane hydrocarbons,and reduce particulate matter to zero compared to our standard gasoline -fueled vehicles. Converting to propane is a natural extension of our existing sustainability programs,” said David C. Rhoa, president of Lake Michigan Mailers. “The unique propane management system from Icom North America allows the vans to continue to run on regular gasoline if needed. The duel-fuel nature provides for enhanced operational range, and flexible fueling options when propane autogas is not readily available in remote areas,” Rhoa continued.

Annually the company’s service fleet travels more than 480,000 road miles without leaving the Eastern Time Zone. The company has reduced its consumption of gasoline by 50.3% since starting the conversion process in 2012.

Fleet operators interested in learning more about Lake Michigan Mailers’ transition to propane autogas, are asked to contact David Rhoa at