ifilesecure™ is a service designed to provide our customers with comprehensive, secure and robust electronic document management.  ifilesecure™ goes beyond simply presenting e-statements or archiving computer files.  ifilesecure™ allows our customers, regardless of size or industry, to capture, store, search, retrieve, share, and manage critical business documents and other digital content, making it easier for authorized personnel to access them from any location at any time. ifilesecure™ allows our customers to post both electronic documents and existing hard copy documents.


As a cloud-based solution, ifilesecure™ does not require software installation or regular maintenance. As with all services offered by Lake Michigan Mailers, ifilesecure™ is modular and can work as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with our other popular services such as RIPDocs®ifilesecure™ allows our customers to maintain compliance with recordkeeping requirements while providing complete, secure, any-time access to critical content.


If you would like to receive a no-obligation quote for ifilesecure™ please contact us or call us at 1-800-653-3121. We can customize a program to meet your unique needs.